Rui Fu, RNA biologist

Rui (Ray), from China

I am currently a semi-independent postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus RNA Bioscience Initiative, working on genomic and scRNA-seq informatics analyses and software development. My main research interest is gene expression regulation mediated by RNA-binding proteins, especially decay induction and translational repression.

Full CV: Curriculum Vitae

Bioinformatic projects:

  1. scraps, pipeline for extraction of mRNA polyadenylation sites from “TVN”-primed single-cell RNA-seq libraries. In prep.
  2. clustifyr, R package for automated single-cell RNA sequencing cluster classification. F1000Research 2020.
  3. someta, monitoring the issue of missing cell type metadata in NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus single cell sequencing data. PLoS Biology 2021.
  4. squirrelBox, a Shiny browser for hibernating ground squirrel brain and other tissue RNA-seq. Frontiers in Physiology 2020.
  5. TCGAbrowser, data presentation project. Data Incubator internship.

Rui's GitHub Stats

Molecular mechanisms of RNA decay research: